Mission, Vision & Values


Corporate Mission

  • Create innovative and value-added improvements to the Group’s core business activities and products to meet the changing needs of our valued customers and business partners.
  • Keep ourselves abreast of the most updated information in the business climate to make sound and beneficial investments.
  • Maintain good relationship with our valued customers and business partners by providing them with prompt and friendly services and quality products.

Corporate Vision

To be recognised as a premier regional organisation in the provision of quality services and products. To focus the Group’s activities in the pursuit of consistent and sustainable growth.

Corporate Values

We believe in and do what is morally right. Integrity in ALL.


We respect and lead by setting good examples and showing competency, strength and wisdom in making bold decisions in times of need that benefit the Group. Respect ALL.


Our valued customers and working partners are the reasons for our existence. Delight ALL.


We encourage all to share ideas and suggestions that will improve the overall performance of the Group. No ideas are bad ideas. Hear ALL.


We seek to inculcate a culture of safety and apply it at all times. Safety for ALL.


The Group is ONE with no distinction except for geographical locations. We share ONE Vision, ONE Mission and the SAME set of Values. ONE and ALL.

Anti Bribery Policy

Whistleblowing Policy